The British all time favourite fish, Cod is a superb whitefish with a great taste. A large head and long tapered body with a mixture of sandy-browns, greyish-greens and darker speckles.

Whole Cod range from 500g to over 6kg with smaller fish growing up to 1.8kg sometimes known as codling. While fillets from smaller fish are most commonly used, it’s at its best when loins or supremes are cut from larger 4-6kg fish, giving a meatier portion with large succulent flakes of pure white. Cooking Cod is very easy thanks to its versatile nature, taking on most flavours, but take care as it can easily be over-cooked.

We can provide you with Cod Fillets ranging from 8oz to in excess of 1kg.

Cod cheeks are also available which provide a boneless and skinless product which is firmer than normal flesh.

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